IESS | Audit & QC

Mortgage Audit & QC

Sreamlined workflow automation and compliance solutions that ensure quality control in step with origination and servicing process.

  • Insight
    • A state-of-the-art web-based mortgage quality control solution and loan audit technology that can support your organizations needs for pre-funding QC, post-closing QC, mortgage servicing QC, and more.
    • Reporting & Visualizations
    • 2-Way LOS Connectivity
    • Admin Utilities
    • Complete Audit Capabilities
    • Advanced Import / Export Tools
    • Integrated Reverification Vendors
    • Internal Communication System
    • Client Portal
    • Complete Sampling Tools
  • Core Connect
    • A complete settlement service order management and tracking tool enabling lenders to quickly and accurately place, track and receive thrid party settlement services required during the origination process.
    • Fully Customizable
    • Notification Sharing
    • Standardized Ordering
    • Reporting & Tracking
    • 2-Way LOS Connectivity
    • Integrated Vendors
  • Vendor: As an innovator in the mortgage origination and quality assurance space, our vendor continues to develop and refine solutions geared to promote and strengthen the loan origination process, pre/post close loan audits and the defect remediation process.
  • Scope: Solutions that support Mortgage Audit & Quality Control (Insight Risk & Defect Management™), Loan Origination Vendor Management (Core Connect™), Complete LOS Connectivity Platforms and more.
  • Tech: Forged from the idea that technology solutions need to be intuitive, empowering, user friendly and most importantly solve problems, our vendor prides itself on its ability to develop technologies that allow businesses to surpass their organizational needs and meet their business objectives.
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.