An End-to-End Solution Built for Speed, Compliance, and Accuracy Based upon vast experience in valuations, our vendor has assembled a suite of client centric solutions that are built on a foundation of quality control and guaranteed service level agreements.

Morningstar Credit Ratings Raises Residential Vendor Ranking to MOR RV1 from MOR RV2 for our vendor.

  • Appraisals
    • In-house appraisal management company offers traditional appraisals, commercial appraisals, and reconciliations that are fast, accurate, and compliant. Working with a fully vetted panel of more than 8,000 licensed and certified appraisers that provide nationwide coverage. Can easily augment our existing panel of appraisers from your current panel to deliver high-quality standards through customized automated and manual QC processes.
  • Broker Price Options Opinions (BPO)
    • Ideal for default situations, each BPO is completed by a local real estate expert and reviewed in-house by trained quality control teams that leverage staff appraisal team and industry leading analytics. Provide Exterior and Interior BPOs as well as Value Plus Enhanced Exterior & Interior BPOs which are standard BPOs reconciled by a real estate valuation expert. In addition, offering Historic BPOs that confirm past market value.
  • Hybrid Valuation Products
    • Hybrid valuation products can be a cost-effective gap solution. The Property Analysis pairs a property and neighborhood inspection with a streamline desktop report that has been completed and signed by a geographically competent licensed appraiser. It uses the accuracy of regression analysis along with the expertise of a local appraiser to supply lenders with a well-supported USPAP-compliant value conclusion that will stand up to any compliance audit.
  • Property Inspection Condition Report (PICR)
    • PICR offers an assessment of the property’s current condition and neighborhood, concluded by an onsite inspection all for one low cost and quick turnaround time.
  • Warranted PICR
    • Offering innovative products like the Warranted (PICR). This product combines an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) with a PICR and is backed by insurance coverage from a carrier rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best. The warranty provides additional assurance that the lender will not suffer a financial loss.
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
    • Offering 18 of the industry’s leading AVM products in a customized cascade that provides national coverage and complies with all regulatory and investor requirements.
  • Portfolio Analytics
    • Since the market is always changing, it is important to regularly monitor your risk exposure.
      • Batch AVMs: An automated process that saves time, energy, and cost when analyzing your existing portfolio.
      • ValueCheck: With ValueCheck you have a full loan portfolio analysis monitoring solution and reporting tool that includes all aspects of the loan data including credit scores, collateral valuation, and borrower specific trends.
  • Vendor: The provider lenders and servicers rely on for product solutions that support their strategic goals and better serve their clients. Extensive knowledge and experience, combined with proven processes are what differentiates our vendor in the industry. Providing quality services that improve turnaround time and reduce operating costs, all while mitigating risk.
  • Scope: Customize solutions to ensure that you receive the highest quality services according to your requirements. Whether one order or thousands, rush or standard turnaround times, your orders are quickly and efficiently processed. Let us show you how specific, customized solutions can be created for you.
  • Tech: The ONE Solution to ensure compliance in today's regulatory environment.
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.