Sreamlined workflow automation and compliance solutions that ensure quality control in step with origination and servicing process.

Mortgage Automation & Compliance Solutions

  • Mortgage Document & Data Ingestion
    • During this phase of the mortgage lifecycle, mortgage workflow and compliance solutions can do the heavy lifting by capturing every type of loan documentation, through every ingestion portal. These portals include email, mobile capture, web portals, SFTP, and paper.
  • Content Capture & Automated Processing
    • Once all loan documentation has successfully been captured, all content is sorted and validated in two ways: auto document classification and fields within each document. Data mapping(MISMO) for loan portfolios to existing loan origination systems(LOS) or mortgage loan servicing software is also a valuable function.
  • Workflow & Decisioning
    • Following both validation steps, each document is then routed with workflow automation software for processing based on rules established per document type with workflow automation software. A document checklist can be created to help ensure all documents are collected and, if something's missing, an alert will be automatically sent out to the responsible party. Workflow automation also streamlines back-office business processes, including AP invoice processing and HR new employee on-boarding and benefits enrollment.
  • Reconciliation & Auditing
    • Mortgage document solutions are designed to automate the ingestion, processing and routing of mortgage documentation so that your team can do what they do best: originate zero defect mortgages. Auditors are granted access to all documents stored in document management software with quick search and retrieval functions so they are able to view the documents they need to complete their service.
  • Compliance, Quality & Retention
    • While pre-fund audits help ensure zero defect loans, our solutions also ensure compliance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements for post-close audits and federal and state guidelines for document retention.
  • User Experience & Support
    • Combined with the information and indexing information captured in the ingestion process, search functionality makes documents instantly available and sharable. This increases customer satisfaction.
  • Vendor: Our vendor redefines process improvement beyond simply outsourcing.  As a profit improvement partner, the vendor leverages state of art and cutting edge technologies to provide meaningful and manageable solutions to a wide variety of complex challenges in very competitive market segments.
  • Scope: Size is critical when you trust another firm with your customer's experience that directly affect cash flow and profitability. Our vendor delivers the strength, depth and breadth of a large public firm with the appreciation, customer focus, and flexibility of a mid-sized private firm so that the response to you is with agility. That agility translates into faster onboarding, detailed feedback and an integrated delivery model that includes the transformation of the people retained in your organization. With our vendor, you are not just a revenue number, you are their client. They answer to you, not to Wall Street. They do what is right for you.
  • Tech: Offering enterprise content management (ECM) software that drives the most compelling productivity gains and can help you achieve a competitive advantage in customer service. A combination of technology integrator, workflow automation and compliance service provider and EMC software distributor servicing document management resellers. This gives a holistic perspective on the best solutions to streamline AP invoice processing, HR and other operations for organizations across a variety of industries.
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.