Homeownership Achievement

One simple question?

What are you doing with your declined files?

We have a plan to assist with turning them into profitable, quality loans:

  • Create, Manage and Predict a Recovery Pipeline
    • Utilize chain-of-custody tracking, customized communications plans and analytic & reporting tools to support participant progress – all of which are additive to existing processes.
  • Instantly Build Individualized Action Plans for Homeownership
    • Powered by a credit analytics engine that can support millions of users, our program teaches consumers how credit works and the specific steps to take on the path to homeownership – supported by on-demand, nonprofit housing counselors.
  • Reduce Regulatory and Compliance Risks
    • Many loan officers in an honest attempt to assist applicants to obtain a mortgage give direct advice on how to improve credit scores or refer these consumers to credit-repair shops. This poses risks not only to a lender in violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), but it may place the consumer with a credit repair company with high fees and poor service. As a 501 (c) (3) Our Vendor is exempt from CROA, thus protecting the referring lender from non-compliance. Furthermore, as a federally tax-exempt social enterprise, HLP’s entire structure must have the benefit to the consumer as its highest priority.
  • Reduce Credit Risk
    • Our Vendor also helps reduce credit portfolio risk and connects with a national nonprofit counseling network of 1,100+ agencies covering more than 2,000 CRA zip codes.
  • CRA
    • Campaigns can be tailored to reach consumers in underserved areas.
  • Vendor: Our vendor is a national, neutral and nonprofit utility that unifies the efforts of housing counselors, mortgage lenders, community leaders and others to help individuals and families achieve and sustain homeownership.
    • Resources for Homeowners
    • Bringing together all parties in the process
    • Trusted by the top twenty Servicers
    • Over 6,000 non profit housing counselors registered
  • Scope: Resources extend from the pre-purchase counseling side all the way to the foreclosure prevention side.
  • Tech: Documents and data are encrypted in transfer, encrypted at rest, and encrypted in backups. The redundant infrastructure provides a realible service to make all parts of the process easier.
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.