IESS | Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

The time-consuming task of determining income availability for repayment of debt or lease obligations becomes simple and accurate with our vendor. The vendor's software saves time and provides the user complete "industry standard" cash flow analysis reports from Federal Income Tax returns.

  • What makes the software unique?
    • Designed for easy input recognition.
    • The input fields mimic Federal forms
    • The user is guided through the applicable returns and forms by an intuitive 'Tasks List'
    • The quality control feature, "Underwriter Review Requested," notes potential errors and makes helpful comments.

    Features & Benefits
    • Form 1084 Completed Automatically
    • Static Side-By-Side Income Review
      • Up to 3 Tax Years
    • Underwriter Driven
      • Adjustable Income Report
    • Allows Underwriter to Determine DURABLE and STABLE Income
    • Auto Negates Normally Accepted Non Durable and Stable Income
      • Capital Gains
      • State and Local Refunds
      • Unemployment Compensation
    • Compensating Factor Report
    • Discrepancy Report
    • Corporate, S Corp & Partnership
    • Schedule E - Rents and Royalty Analysis
      • Both Actual and Fannie Std
    • Easy to Follow Forms that Mimic the Federal Forms
    • 2106 Expense - Depreciation Add Back
    • Meets both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Analysis Guidelines
    • Saves Hours in Underwriting Time
    • Improves Tax Analysis Knowledge
    • Makes Quality Control Audit of Self-Employed Easy
    • Makes Reconciliation of 4506T Transcripts Simple
    • Allows User to Save up to 5 Years of Analyzed Returns
    • Reviewed and Vetted by Fannie Mae
    • Automatically Adds Back Normally Accepted Adjustments to Income
      • Depreciation
      • Depletion
      • Amortization
      • Casualty Loss
      • Major Non Recurring Expenses

Trial Download Available
  • Vendor: Incorporated in 1997, and created to develop and market cash-flow analysis software primarily to the lending and credit industries.
  • Scope: Software is designed for use by companies that handle or rely upon tax return cash flow analysis including FNMA, FHLMC, mortgage bankers and, brokers, commercial banks, credit unions, contract underwriters, savings & loans, mortgage insurance companies and, companies that securitize mortgage loan portfolios.
  • Tech: Technology based applications at the forefront of the industry
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.