Smart Mortgage

Put a borrower into underwriting with a paid appraisal in about 30 minutes through 21 steps. This can be driven by the borrower, loan officer or together. Borrowers will complete the URLA within minutes by going through fewer steps than our competitors by using the patent-pending 1003 Merge process. This reduces time spent online filling out data, increases data quality, and ultimately increases conversions.

  • Approximately net 7 steps to application
    .....(about 5 minutes)
  • Approximately net 14 steps to PPE/AUS findings
    .....(about 10-15 minutes)
  • Approximately net 21 steps to underwriting with a paid appraisal
    .....(about 30 minutes)
  • Big Data
    • At the core is the patent pending 1003 Merge process, which uses big data sources to create a loan application in seconds which the consumer then verifies, versus a consumer completing a 1003 from scratch. These data sources also enable you to provide real-time validation of consumer input.
  • Security
    • Great care is taken with information received and exchanged between borrowers, lenders and vendors. Implementation of various security hurdles ensure information entering and exiting is legitimate, accurate, and protected.
  • Look & Feel
    • A true white label solution, where the consumer will never know the provider and host of the software. The design itself is different than competitors who offer a traditional 1003 capture, or questionnaire. In addition, we offer near limitless customization abilities.
  • Marketing
    • To truly succeed as an online lender, you will have access to complete analytics and integration with leading online marketing platforms. You have the ability to receive detailed analytical information on the behavior of borrowers as they navigate through the lender website and mortgage process.
  • Real Estate Agent Portal
    • You will receive a dedicated real estate agent portal with your brand.
  • Rate Search Page
    • You will receive a dedicated rate search page with your brand.
  • Kiosk
    • You may utilize our Kiosk machines for placement in bank branches, real estate broker offices and anywhere else you have permission.
  • Vendor: Our vendor is a software company developing innovative solutions for mortgage lenders, originators and customers.
  • Scope: The first and only do-it-yourself mortgage marketplace that's changing how you shop, apply and close mortgages.
  • Tech: Patent-Pending
  • Direct: IESS networks with client to vendor.